Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some of My Latest

As anyone can tell from the right hand side of this blog, I make handmade hair clips for girls and sell them on in my shop, Little Miss Designs.

I have recently slowed down in regards to making clips for my inventory. My sister-in-law (who also has an amazing Etsy shop) and I are planning to buy some booths at some upcoming craft shows in the fall. My plan has been to steadily make more and more clips to have on hand for these shows. I'd still be more than willing to take custom orders, but think I'd have some success with selling items on the spot as well.

Although I've slowed down, that doesn't mean I've completely stopped making anything - here are a few of the latest!

"Dolly and Me" Collection ...
This idea came to me after making a mistake, actually. I am quickly learning ways to be a better seller and what questions need to be asked and what assumptions shouldn't be made. A customer ordered one stock and one custom clip from me recently. I didn't ask her what size snap clip she wanted in the custom item and made it with my smaller clip, the 1 1/4 inch. After she received it, she said it wouldn't stay in her daughter's ultra-fine hair, but the stock clip was perfect (it used the 1 1/2 inch). I quickly made things right by making her another clip that very night and shipping it out the next day - she was very pleased with it.
She asked if I wanted her to ship the original one back to me and I told her no - that her daughter could keep it to clip in her doll's hair. That is when it hit me - I needed to start a collection for girls where a smaller clip would match their larger clip perfectly and she could match her doll or teddy bear or whatever!

Two-Pack Sets ...
This was suggested to me by a fellow-Etsian. Not only should I offer single clips, but multi-packs as well! I love these colors, especially for summer.

If you haven't been to my site lately, check it out. I've added closer, more vivid pictures and hope to be updating inventory soon, so check back periodically!

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